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Property Taxes in Greece

Property Taxes in GreeceFrom 1 January 2014 in Greece came into effect a number of changes in tax legislation. Their goal is to encourage investment in the real estate of the country, which is still in a difficult economic situation. Read more »

Bank of Greece

Bank of GreeceBank of Greece is the central (formerly National) Bank of Greece. It was founded a bank in 1927 and began operations in 1928. Read more »

Piraeus Bank has become “Best Bank in Greece” in 2014

Piraeus Bank has become "Best Bank in Greece" in 2014Internationally renowned magazine Global Finance named Piraeus Bank “Best Bank in Greece” in 2014. The entire selection was carried out by editors Global Finance, based on detailed consultations with bankers, corporate financial executives and analysts from around the world. Read more »

Overview of the Greek Economy

Overview of the Greek EconomyGreece is an industrial-agrarian country. The country occupies the 37th place in the world in terms of GDP growth and 33rd – by purchasing power parity. According to the Human Development Index, 2007, inclusive, released October 5, 2009, Greece ranked 25th in the world and belongs to the “developed countries”. Read more »

The success of the recapitalization of Greek banks will depend on the return of their money in citizens

recapitalization of Greek banksThe success of the recapitalization of Greek banks will depend on the return on investments of about 20 billion euros, which citizens taken abroad or kept at home. Read more »

Banks Listing:

Piraeus Bank

Piraeus Bank GreecePiraeus Bank was founded in 1916. For many decades operated as a private bank in 1975 and came under the control of the government, where it remained until 1991. Since December 1991, the bank was privatized and is growing rapidly in size and operations.  Read more »

Eurobank EFG

Eurobank EFG GreeceEurobank EFG is a European banking organization with total assets amounting to € 73,6 billion, offers banking services in eight countries. Eurobank EFG is the second largest bank in Greece, one of the leading banks in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, providing Wealth Management services in Cyprus, Luxembourg and London and has offices in Ukraine.  Read more »

National Bank of Greece

National Bank of GreeceNational Bank of Greece (NBG) was founded in 1841 and was the first bank of the modern Greek state, with the decisive contribution to the economic life of 170 years of history. The bank’s shares are listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1880. Today the bank is headed by the strongest financial group in Greece, with a strong presence in South-Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean.  Read more »

Alpha Bank Greece

Alpha Bank GreeceAlpha Bank Greece, founded in 1879, is one of the largest banks in Greece. With a network of over 900 branches, Alpha Bank Group is actively involved in the international banking market, with a presence in Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Albania, Macedonia and the United Kingdom.  Read more »

TT Hellenic Postbank

TT Hellenic PostbankThe Postal Savings Bank S.A. was founded in 1900 with the aim of providing a social-oriented services and building a long tradition of prestige and credibility.  Read more »

Citibank Greece

Citibank Greece LogoCitibank was established in Greece in 1964 primarily to serve the needs of the Maritime and Corporate Sector. In the 80s began to expand into retail banking. Read more »

HSBC Greece

HSBC Bank GreeceThe Greek subsidiary of the HSBC Bank plc operates in Greece since 1981. Bringing international experience to the specific requirements of the Greek market, HSBC provides banking and investment services to individuals and to corporate and institutional clients.  Read more »

Hellenic Bank Greece

Hellenic Bank GreeceHellenic Bank Greece operates as a branch of Hellenic Group – Cyprus-based financial services company. The Hellenic Bank was founded in 1976.  Read more »

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