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20 November 2016

Greece as a country is facing one of the largest crisis in recent times. That crisis is crime and in particular crime on tourists and the foreigners that pump large amounts of foreign money into Greece’s economy every year.

In the recent European summer of 2016, there has been a significant increase in crime against tourists. With the majority of the reported crime as being pick-pocket and stealing luggage and personal effects. Police stations have been overwhelmed by tourists reporting similar stories. (See inserted image of a police station in Athens during the middle of the day) Tourists and holiday-makers visiting Greece to enjoy the beach lifestyle and their annual summer break now have to think twice before leaving their wallet full of cash and bank cards with their beach towel and bag while going for a swim.

Next on the hot stolen popular list in Greece is electronic camera’s and phones which the Greek thieves can quickly and easily convert to cash. It has gotten so bad this year in Greece that some travel insurance companies have expressed concerns about Greece as a holiday destination and understandably have increased premiums for vacationers to the Mediterranean islands.

The economic climate in Greece at the moment is still a stagnant pool being constricted by austerity measures by the Greek government. These economic conditions are in-turn causing people to find enough money to eat and feed their families. Unfortunately for many people petty crime such as stealing a stray iphone 7 or Canon SLR camera from some rich American or Australian on the beach is the only way these Greek people can access this quick foreign cash.

The kicker of course is when the tourists do stop going to Greece in large numbers because of the crime how then are these people going to survive? The Greek banks won’t be giving out free money anytime soon, nor will the Greek government with these strict European Union austerity measures.

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