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Piraeus Bank GreecePiraeus Bank was founded in 1916. For many decades operated as a private bank in 1975 and came under the control of the government, where it remained until 1991. Since December 1991, the bank was privatized and is growing rapidly in size and operations. 

Piraeus Bank, 4.6 out of 5 based on 30 ratings

Along with organic growth, Piraeus Bank made a number of strategic steps to establish itself in the domestic market. Thus, in 1998 the bank acquired the assets of Chase Manhattan in Greece, bought a controlling stake in Macedonia-Thrace Bank, and absorbed the specialized bank Credit Lyonnais Hellas. At the same time, in early 1999, were acquired Bank of Chios and National Westminster Bank PLC in Greece. In June 2000, the Bank completed the consolidation of the banking business, combining three commercial banks in Greece (Piraeus Bank, Macedonia-Thrace Bank and Xiosbank), creating one of the three largest private banks in Greece.

In early 2002, Piraeus Bank acquired the Hellenic Industrial Development Bank (ETBAbank). In addition, in early 2002, it signed an agreement on strategic alliance Piraeus Bank Group with an international group ING in banking assurance for the Greek market. In July 2009, Piraeus Bank and BNP Wealth Management agreed on a strategic partnership in Wealth Management.

In early 2005, Piraeus Bank Group, implementing the strategy of expansion in South-Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean markets, acquired the Bulgarian Eurobank (renamed into Piraeus Bank Bulgaria). Also in 2005, it entered the Serbian market by acquiring Atlas Bank (renamed into Piraeus Bank Belgrade), and egipetskmy Market incentives by acquiring Egyptian Commercial Bank (renamed into Piraeus Bank Egypt). Finally, in 2007, Piraeus Group expanded its international presence in Ukraine by acquiring the International Commercial Bank (renamed into Piraeus Bank ICB), in Cyprus by obtaining permission for banking operations (Piraeus Bank Cyprus) and the acquisition of the Arab Bank Cypriot network.

Today, Piraeus Bank leads a group of companies covering all operations and activities of the financial sector in Greece (universal bank). Piraeus Bank has special expertise in the field of medium-sized enterprises, consumer mortgages and other retail banking products and services in investment banking, capital markets and leasing market.

All these services are provided through a well-organized network of branches and electronic banking networks winbank. The latter was launched in early 2000 as the first comprehensive electronic banking services in Greece and has received over the years a large number of awards, demonstrating the high level of service.

The presence of Piraeus Bank Group’s focus is not only in South-Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, but also in the financial centers of London and New York. In particular, the Group Piraeus Bank operates in Romania through Piraeus Bank Romania with 149 branches, in Bulgaria with 83 Piraeus Bank Bulgaria shops, in Albania through a bank with 56 branches, in Serbia with 44 branches of Piraeus Bank Belgrade, in Ukraine, with 44 shops Piraeus Bank ICB, in Cyprus with 14 branches of Piraeus Bank Cyprus, in Egypt through Piraeus Bank Egypt with 48 branches, in the United Kingdom with a branch of Piraeus Bank in London, and finally to the U.S. through Marathon Bank in New York, with 13 branches.

The main goals of Piraeus in the medium term is to ensure liquidity, capital adequacy and credit quality and to achieve high efficiency of containment of operating expenses. Piraeus Bank will continue to focus on middle and small business, as well as retail banking, where it has a strong expertise and knowledge.

Piraeus Bank Group, combining business development and social responsibility, systematically pursuing its relations with social partners through specific actions, with an emphasis on protecting the environment. Piraeus Bank recognizes that energy resources are not unlimited and must be used in a responsible manner. Bank’s contribution to protecting the environment has two dimensions: the internal aspect, which relates to the Bank’s efforts to mitigate the impact on the environment in the operational activities and the external dimension, which is reflected in the Bank’s efforts to raise environmental awareness among customers and to promote environmentally friendly investment.

At the end of March 2012, the Group had a network of 732 branches (328 in Greece and 404 abroad) and the labor force 10,946 workers (6047 and 4899 respectively). Customer deposits amounted to € 20,9 billion of loans before allowance for € 35,9 billion, and total assets in the amount of € 47,5 billion.

Piraeus Bank Group Headquarters:
Athens, Greece
Head Office: 4, Amerikis St., 10564 Athens
Phone: +30 210 333 5000
Fax: +30 210 333 5080

Piraeus Branches Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: from 8am to 2.30pm, Friday: from 8am to 2pm.

Customer Support (24X7):

18-28-38 (from Greece, one local call charge unit) or 210 3288000 (from your mobile phone or from abroad).

Piraeus Bank, 4.6 out of 5 based on 30 ratings
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